About NorthCoast.Work

Before we were from the internet, we were from here.

Community First

We might be the new kids on the block, but we’re from here. Jesse’s been working in the local tech community since Racc2000 and Freeway were industry leaders during the twighlight years of the 1990’s. Ove and Jesse met while working together at GaslightMedia, another bedrock Northern Michigan technology company, right after Y2K failed to end humanity as we knew it.

We’ve worked hand in hand with our neighbors, such as Sky’s the Limit, Glass Lakes Photography, Crooked River Home Services, Solutions Electric, and Jack VanTreese management to renovate and furnish our Petoskey location. We intend to follow the same pattern when we open in other locations.

Celebrating History

As part of our effort to be a positive force in our community, we’ve done a deep dive into the history of our location. Like an old school gumshoe, we’ve visited the City of Petoskey’s records room, the Petoskey Public Library, and over 100 years of archival newspaper footage to compile a story of our building and our block in downtown Petoskey. We are still preparing our publication, look forward to sharing it with locals and tourists alike.

Coming soon, the fire of 1914